What Is A Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress is a product that is produced from the rubber that is located in the Rubber tree.

This rubber is used for many different things, however one of the main things it is made for is to produce the famous latex mattress that will provide you with one of the best nights sleep a mattress can offer.

Why Would You Want a Latex Mattress?

What makes latex mattress so popular is because it offers a very soft surface to sleep on that make them very comfortable and enjoyable to sleep on. What makes the latex mattress comfortable to sleep on is the holes that the latex from the rubber trees naturally produces the latex is processed correctly. The process of the making a latex mattress produces allow these types of mattresses to be very soft and allow you to get a very good nights sleep. Another one of the great benefits of these types of mattresses is that they have the ability to last for a very long time. Many of these latex mattresses can last 30 years or longer. Needless to say these mattresses have a very long life expectancy which is another factor that makes them very marketable. One of the benefits of having a latex mattress is that many mattresses are made that have a wide range of different size of holes throughout the mattress. This makes the mattress able to be softer in some locations and harder in other locations. Thus the mattress is able to be softer near your shoulders and more rigid near your lower back. This allows this type of mattress to be very comfortable for the average person because different parts of the mattress are made to support different parts of your body when you are asleep at night. If you are into saving the environment and what to sleep on an environmental friendly mattress  then you should consider the latex mattress. It is made from 100% natural materials and has the ability to dissolve into the earth when its time has come.

Benefits Of Having A Latex Mattress

Another of the major benefits of the latex mattress is that the mattress is able to breathe on its own. What this simply means is that it will be able to keep you warm when it is cold outside and cool when it is very hot outside. This has also been a great hindrance to any type of mildew or bacteria growing in the mattress. It is basically impossible for mold or mildew to form inside of a latex mattress. A latex mattress has many other benefits other than the fact that is one of the highest quality mattresses that are made today. One of the many benefits of using one is that you could enjoy years more of quality sleep. The reason for this is that a latex mattress is much more sturdy than your typical mattress and is not prone to flop around on you when you sleep at night. One of the benefits of having a latex mattress is that it will firmly support your back throughout the entire night.  This means you could receive much more interrupted sleep as you will not have to worry about the mattress moving when your partner decides to move or get up late at night. This will allow you to be much more rested and ready for the new day to begin. Latex mattresses have many benefits, however one of the primary benefits is that they can greatly decrease the pressure that is on your joints when you sleep at night.  They also aid and support your back better than any other type of mattress on the market today. Also one of the major benefits of this type of mattress is that it is not only 100% natural, but it is also friendly to earth and has the ability to dissolve back into the earth on its own. This is a huge plus if you are into protecting the environment.

Types Of Latex Mattresses

There are two types of latex on the market today. They are natural and unnatural latex. The natural latex has many advantages to the man-made latex. The first is that it is easily recyclable. Thus, it is very environmentally  friendly. The natural latex is also stronger than the man-made latex and thus it really does support your body more than than any type of man-made latex. Only the natural latex can breathe on its own and keep bed bugs and other unfriendly critters out of your mattress. Those are just a few of the benefits of using a natural latex mattress. When considering purchasing a natural latex mattress these are the things that you should consider. A latex mattress can provide you with a quality nights sleep for many years to come.

Rubber Tapping: The DNA of Latex Mattresses

You roll out of your newly purchased latex mattress and proceed onward to the bathroom to brush your teeth. After a quick breakfast you make a grocery list with a nearby pencil. You slip on shoes and hop in the car. It’s particularly beautiful out today and you decide to roll down the windows. Today is just an ordinary day.


More than just a latex mattress

All right. Stop right there. Time for a quick quiz:  How much of your day was rubber tapping responsible for thus far? Your options include,

A) What the heck is rubber tapping?

B) None whatsoever.

C) A great deal!

The correct answer is ‘C’, but do you know why?


Rubber Tapping Into Your Latex Mattress

‘Rubber tapping’, or latex harvesting, is the process of milking sap from a rubber trees that commonly grow in regions such as South America. By making many delicate incisions to the tree, essentially removing a thin layer of bark, it can yield ingredients to compose rubber for several years. It’s more difficult work than it sounds. Get your coffee mug ready.

Rubber tapping farmers will wake up before the crack of dawn when the air is coolest. The crisp conditions prevent the sap from coagulating or sealing up the incision. It can be dangerous using specialized blades while combating sleep deprivation so the operation requires a truly skilled hand. Over the course of several hours, provided the subtle procedure was executed successfully, the running sap pools into large cups that hug the tree.

The gathered material is then placed into molds and finally thinned for individual rubber sheets. In turn, we use this byproduct of nature to form everyday products such as latex mattresses and toothbrushes — even right down to the eraser on the end of your pencil. You can more than likely reread the first portion of this article and cite additional products that rubber tapping influenced!

The latex that rubber tapping provides makes an excellent source material for countless items including your latex mattress. This premium mattress material is coveted for its variety of benefits such as a more contoured sleep, natural cooling abilities, a lifespan of roughly 20 years and totes an eco-friendly product tag. You’ll feel well rested enough in your latex mattress the life of a rubber tapping farmer might not sound so daunting — even without the coffee.

Latex Mattress Buying Guide

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Latex Mattress

There can be many factors involved when you decide to buy a brand new mattress. Latex mattresses are some of the best mattresses on the market, but they are also the most expensive mattresses on the market. When you buy a latex mattress you need to feel that you have made an informed decision.

We want you to feel good about your choice and decision when you decide to purchase a latex mattress. Thus, we want to inform you as much as we possibly can before you make that all important decision.

We hope that this short latex mattress buyers guide will help aid you in your decision to of purchasing a latex mattress. We want to help you avoid any bad decision that you might make when you purchase your latex mattress.

When you purchase a latex mattress you want to be certain that the latex is used throughout the entire mattress. There are latex mattresses that are advertised as latex mattresses, but they are not 100% latex mattresses.

There is a difference between a 100% natural latex mattress and a blended latex mattress. The difference is that one is made out of 100% natural latex and the other is made of half natural latex and half man-made latex. Both are quality latex mattresses, but the highest quality mattress is the 100% natural latex.

When you purchase a latex mattress you want to consider where it was made and who manufactured it. It can be worth your time and money to purchase a latex mattress that is made in the United States and that is all natural latex. China also produces latex mattresses, but they are lower quality mattresses that will not have the same durability that a mattress will have that is made of 100% latex that is produced inside of the United States.

If the mattress is 100% natural it is also 100% environmentally friendly. This is one of the great advantages of having a mattress that is made out latex. If you want to help save the planet then you should consider buying a latex mattress.

The Cover Of A Latex Mattress Does Matter

You do want to make sure that the cover of the latex mattress is also 100% latex. You do not want to the cover to be glued on as they can be in many of the latex mattresses that are made in china.

When choosing a latex mattress you want to be sure that it has a wool cover. The wool covers are perfect because they allow the mattress to breathe easily. When choosing a cover you want it to be certified organic wool.

One of the primary reasons why natural latex is important is because it is great at relieving pressure points in your body. This can lead to better circulation in your body as well as a more restful sleep. Natural  Latex mattresses also make it easier for two people to sleep on the same bed without disturbing each other when they move.

Many consumers are becoming aware that a high quality 100% natural latex mattress can provide consumers with a reliable mattress for as long as 25 years if not even longer than that. Some latex mattresses are known to last for up to 30 years.

How Latex Mattresses Are Made And Why It Matters

The most commonly used method is the Talalay process, however there is also the Dunlop process. The Talalay process is a six step process. It goes something like this. The raw latex liquid is cured and the necessary additives are added. The latex is then injected into the mold.

The air that is in the mold is then sucked out of it and this allows the latex to expand and distribute itself evenly within the mold. It is then frozen at   -20F in order to prevent it from settling. At that point carbon dioxide is then injected into the mold to cause the mixture to gel. The final step in the Talalay process is that the latex is vulcanized at 220F until it has been cured.

The Dunlop process is not very different from the Talalay process. In the Dunlop process the mold is not filled to the very brim of the mold and there is not a vacuum or freezing stage. Because of this the Dunlop process will create a much firmer and denser mattress that is not as consistent as the mattress that the Talalay process would produce.

When you are buying a latex mattress you want to find one that offers a solid warranty. A solid warranty means that they will have a 20 year guarantee. If it is a reputable dealer they should be able to back their product. If they cannot guarantee their product for at least 10 years then it is a good idea to start looking for a better deal.

You also want to make sure that the dealer has a solid return policy. If you are not satisfied or any reason then you should be able to return your latex mattress for free.

Latex Processing Method

The Latex Mattress And The Rubber Tree

The latex mattress originally starts being made from a process that starts at the rubber tree. Most rubber is taken from rubber trees that are between 5 and 30 years old in order to make the latex mattress. Rubber trees grow along the equator and in warm/tropical climates. These trees can live up to 100 years old, but the rubber is generally harvested out of them when they are young trees.

The latex that comes out of three itself is a white, milky substance that comes out of the tree when the harvesters of it tap into the tree with a device that will allow them to collect the latex out of the tree. A latex tree typically will not produce that much latex as they are fairly small trees. It takes the latex out of many trees in order to produce one latex mattress. However, the Rubber tree can produce latex for up to eight years. The harvester will typically harvest it from one side of the tree for four years and then from the other side of the tree for another four years. When the Rubber tree does die the harvester will plant at least two trees in its place

This process is 100% environmentally friendly. The latex mattress is also 100% natural if it is just made from the rubber trees.

Collection and Processing of the Latex For The Latex Mattress

Because Latex is a natural product it has to be watched over during the entire collection and harvesting process. Latex can spoil and so it has to be treated with the proper chemicals shortly after it is collected or else it will spoil very quickly. If it is not treated shortly after it is harvested  it will begin to harden into a hard gum like substance.

This is where the fresh latex is processed. The processing facilities are owned either by local dealers that have relationships with the rubber factories, or are part of company-owned cooperatives. At the processing facilities the latex is centrifuged to remove water, proteins and impurities. Ammonia is added to preserve the product for its trip to the factory and storage.

Once the latex is processed it is then taken to storage facilities . These storage facilities are connected directly with the latex mattress factories around the world. At these faculties all of the impurities are removed from the latex that was harvested and then ammonia is added to the latex in order to perverse it so it can then be shipped to the latex mattress factories that are located in different places around the world.

In order for the latex to produce a high quality latex mattress the latex itself has to be of the highest quality. When the latex is harvested and when it is taken to the processing facilities there are measures that have to be taken to make sure that only the highest quality latex is sent to the latex mattress factories. After the latex is sorted for quality control it is then moved into storage and waiting to be shipped to the latex mattress factories.

The Making of a Latex Mattress Foam

To begin the process the latex is whipped into a foam and then it is heated (vulcanized) in the presence of sulphur. There are two different ways to vulcanize latex. They are called the Talalay and Dunlop processes. The Talalay process considered to be the most advanced process for making the latex mattress. What this process does is the foam latex is injected into an aluminum pin core mold. This mold is then sealed and once the mold is sealed a vacuum is removed to push the air completely out of the mold so that it can be filled completely with latex. The latex is then chilled to -20 degrees Fahrenheit which prevents  the particles from settling completely and makes sure that it will have a consistent cell structure. Once then has taken place C02 is then introduced for the purpose of gelling the latex. At that point the mold is then heated to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and it is then heated into its final state. Once it is molded into its final state it is then washed. Going through this process allows the mattress to have a consistent firmness throughout it. This is what makes the latex mattress so durable and comfortable.


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