What Are The Best Mattress Brands

What are the best mattress brands?

When it comes to mattresses, there is a huge difference between the best brands and the worst ones. According to our members, the best mattress brands are Vi-Spring and Dunlopillo. They share the top spot with each having received 87% customer scores. Last year Dunlopillo was also on top of the charts, after Vi-Spring has been the top rated brand for the previous two surveys.

Vi-Spring and Dunlopillo are the only brands that received five-star ratings for how well the mattresses matched their descriptions and also for comfort.

One Dunlopillo owner said that he had always found the Dunlopillo mattresses to be very comfortable and supportive, as well as expensive. However, he went on to say that you do get what you pay for, and he thought the mattresses provide excellent value for your money. One Vi-Spring mattress owner commented that he would never buy a mattress from any other company.

Read our Vi-Spring mattress and Dunlopillo mattress guide to learn more about why these two brands in particular receive such high ratings, in addition to what kinds of mattresses these companies sell and their approximate cost.

At the bottom of the list was Dreams, with a 57% customer score.

How We Researched The Mattress Brands

In order to determine which were the best and worst brands of mattresses, we surveyed 2,925 members in April 2015 who had purchased a mattresses within the last five years. In order to determine customer scores for the various brands, we asked members what brand of mattress they owned, if they were satisfied with their mattress, and whether or not they would recommend their mattress to a friend.

In addition, we asked what mattress type they purchased, why they selected their particular mattress type, and whether their mattress helped them sleep well or was uncomfortable or hard to turn over in.

To get more detailed results on the specific mattress brands that we have rated, just select the brand name that you are interested in to receive more information.

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