Top 24 Memory Foam Mattress Review

Before You Choose a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses and memory foam mattress covers are helping people of all ages, sizes and shapes sleep comfortably. Here`s a buying guide so you know what to look for when you`re choosing a memory foam mattress.


Memory foam density is measured by taking the weight (lbs) of a cubic foot (ft3) of memory foam. It ranges from 1.5 lbs/ft3 to 8 lbs/ft3 in most cases. 5+ lbs/ft3 mattresses are pretty rare nowadays. Most standard memory foam has a density of 1.5 to 5 lbs/ft3.
The higher the density, the more expensive the mattress is.
You’ll probably be safe with any memory foam product ranging from 3 lbs/ft3 to 6.5 lbs/ft3.
Higher-density memory foams last longer and cost more, and usually (not always) give a higher level of pressure relief.


You should not focus on the overall height of the mattress. Because we know memory foam mattress is not made only of memory foam. So you should consider only the thickness of the memory foam within the mattress. That`s only matters. There are mattresses with foams thickness ranging from just only 1″ to over 12″ or even 14″.
In our opinion, you`ll be ok with anything from 3″ to 6″. Lower would be too firm and you would bottom out the foam, and higher could cause improper spinal alignment.


Firmness is measured in ILDs and the foams are ranging from 5 ILD up to 23 ILD.
In our opinion, you`ll be ok with anything from 9.5 ILD to 14 ILD. What we can for sure say is – stay away from anything lower than 8.5 ILD and higher than 17 ILD.

Topper or Cover

You might not need a whole memory foam mattress.
If your current mattress is in good condition, you may just cover it by purchasing a topper. BUT, having a mattress in a good condition is a must, because if it sags – the pad/topper would have no effect at all.

Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

An inexpensive memory foam mattress you are saying? Jamison claim that the producing procedure in their model of a memory foam mattress ‘densifies’ the cells contained with the construction of the visco-elastic material, thereby giving extra reinforce and durability. A memory foam mattress is usually denser than other mattresses, therefore making it extra supportive for the user and heavier in weight.

You can simply to find the other options to be had in memory foam mattresses on-line and even order the best one for yourself from the relief of your home. This means that weight is shipped evenly and the right kind amount of enhance is given to every a part of the body. Subsequently they don’t accumulate throughout the memory foam mattress.Many people mistakenly believe that the astronauts on-board the primary space shuttles slept on king memory foam mattresses.Other bed manufacturers soon awoke – pardon the pun – to the superb benefits of memory foam mattresses.. In cases like this, there are two definitions of the phrase “cheap”.

Over the years, the producing costs had been whittled to a point that a good memory foam bed is as moderately priced as a good innerspring bed and there is no comparability in the comfort of the two. Till now there was no set answer, but with the arrival of memory foam mattresses, many sufferers of again ache are finally getting their first good night’s sleep.Many of us have learned of the wide range of health issues that may be lessened and even eradicated through sound asleep on a memory foam mattress.Reasonable Mattress Quality, Reasonable Price. This mattress makes use of Serta’s patented KoolComfort generation to make certain that the bed is still cool while in use. This is a 2.In the beginning traits of this material, it was too expensive for use for residential consumer mattresses and pillows.

Alternatively in contemporary years a brand new mattress known as a memory foam bed has been at the market. Remember the fact that we now have more than a few sleep personal tastes and this variety can decide what will paintings best possible for you.memory foam was first developed under a freelance with NASA’s Ames Research Middle to beef up the protection of airplane cushions.

Fifty years in the past nearly all of couples slept on queen measurement mattresses. We cannot actually say for certain that this sort of bed is excellent sufficient to sleep on for plenty of years. So, let us check out some of the advantages you’ll enjoy. Then again, Double memory foam mattresses do provide the make stronger that may be wanted as well as relive force on more than a few parts of the body. Is there one of these thing?

But we can not say that all memory foam mattresses are comfortable. Questions like those are on the hearts and minds of many of us around the globe searching for memory foam mattresses at an affordable price.

Memory foam is now being mixed with different fabrics to meet the needs of the huge multitude of customers who are looking for :a greater evening’s sleep relief from back, neck or leg pain relief from a partner’s stressed movement better circulation, a compromise to a softer feel for one individual while keeping up the strengthen the other person is used to from an organization mattress. Schedule some time to perform a little memory foam bed pricing comparisons and you’ll be able to see that you’ll be able to, cost effectively, be dozing on a mattress that may be nice on your body, health and your budget.

The TrueForm Posturepedic bed by Sealy makes use of memory foam, and is designed to ensure the easing of drive points to alleviate back pain. Then again, do not get scammed! Memory foam mattresses will also be loved by everyone within the family. Your visitors would possibly feel as even though they’re dozing in a five superstar resort with out the huge room fare. Many sufferers of again ache can benefit awfully by sound asleep at the right mattress, however which one?

SleepAid Dream Series

Sleep Aid presents the only mattress in the world with an aloe-infused bamboo cover. The Dream comes with a 1-inch layer of Loft-Endure memory foam, a revolutionary, flame-retardant quilting fabric that prevents your mattress from losing loft over time, guaranteeing you years of enduring comfort. The Dream advanced HRC temperature-control system will help you rest at your perfect temperature. Sleep Aid understands that the function of a memory foam mattress is not insulation, but breathability and support.
Features: Aloe-Infused Bamboo Cover, Alleviate Back Pain, cross-hatched ventilation grooves (Heat Reduction Channels), Vented Breathable Medical Grade Anti-Vibration Core, hypoallergenic, American-Made, Fast, Free, Easy Delivery and Assembly, Extra-Long Warranty, 90 days test.

SleepAid Inspiration Series

The Inspiration features ventilation grooves, called Heat Reduction Channels (HRC), which increase airflow to help regulate temperature. A healthy sleep holds your spine in the position of a standing person with good posture, and that is exactly what the Inspiration allows your body to do. Specially formulated to prevent vibrations, it absorbs the effects of body movements; if you change positions, your partner will not feel a thing. Its Medical Grade Anti-Vibration Core is what gives the Inspiration its stability. Innerspring mattresses contain thousands of tiny bugs called dust mites that eat your skin.
Features: Cross-hatched ventilation grooves (Heat Reduction Channels), Vented Breathable Medical Grade Anti-Vibration Core, hypoallergenic, American-Made, Fast, Free, Easy Delivery and Assembly, Extra-Long Warranty, 90 days test.

Sleep Aid Feather-Pedic Series

Other mattresses leave little room for air circulation, trapping in heat, leading to an uncomfortable sleep experience. Its memory foam evenly distributes weight across the body, relieving painful pressure points in areas like the hips and shoulders that support the most weight. Its 5-inch medical Anti-Vibration Core works in synergy with the HRC Memory Foam to keep your spine in proper alignment. Sleep Aid’s Feather-Pedic is the most affordable mattress for its high standard of quality, offering numerous sleep benefits.
Features: Cross-hatched ventilation grooves (Heat Reduction Channels), hypoallergenic, American-Made, Fast, Free, Easy Delivery and Assembly, Extra-Long Warranty, 90 days test.

TEMPUR Collection

Original (and proprietary) TEMPUR material conforms to your body’s contours and relieves pressure points to help you fully relax for rejuvenating sleep. A deeper comfort layer, medium-firm feel, and their famous body-aligning support. Famous Tempur-Pedic support adjusts to body temperature and weight for proper spinal alignment and restful sleep.


TEMPUR-HD Collection

More TEMPUR cells across the surface conform precisely to your body and provide higher relief from pressure points for luxurious, deep sleep. A beautiful silk/bamboo cover, highly conforming pillow-top comfort layer, and superb support for truly rejuvenating sleep: this mattress has it all.

Features: Deeper comfort layer of highly-conforming TEMPUR-HD material fully cushions your body and delivers a medium-firm feel, Minimizes pressure points to relieve discomfort, reducing tossing and turning for better quality sleep, Reduces motion transfer between sleep partners for fewer sleep interruptions, Patented, one-sided design means no flipping or rotating

TEMPUR-Cloud Collection

The feel of a pillowy-soft mattress with the responsive support of a Tempur-Pedic, the TEMPUR-Cloud Collection delivers the perfect combination of softness and support. The ultimate in pillowy softness, the support you need to fully relax, and an elegantly appointed cover create a truly luxurious sleep experience.
Features: eep extra-soft-TEMPUR-ES material comfort layer cushions your body for a wonderfully medium-soft feel, Optimal air flow and breathability responds to your body for more comfort, White swirl superstretch cover is removable for washing, Allergen and dust-mite resistant, ightly conforms to your body for a softly tailored fit

Dorlux Memory Care

The Dorlux Memory Care Memory Sprung Mattress is a luxurious 9″ thick mattress containing both the benefits of hundreds of springs and also natural high quality memory foam, thus offering unrivalled support and comfort levels. Sprung mattresses consist of a grid of springs, small and close together.
Features: Memory/Springs, Natural Memory, Contoured Support, 5 Year Warranty


Dorlux Royal Memory

“Visco-elastic” technology and the additional comfort of a pocket spring support unit to give a sleep system that is uniquely supportive, encased in a soft stretch micro-quilted damask fabric to ensure maximum benefit from the combination support system.
Features: Memory foam (visco-elastic technology), Soft touch stretch damask cover, No turn mattress, Hypo allergenic, Handles and air vents, Twin-wheeled castors

Sleepeezee Touch Collection

A collection of supreme quality beds, incorporating Sleepeezee’s exclusive Touch memory foam, together with a versatile choice of base options and colourways. A real touch of class, quality, style and comfort.
Features: No need to turn the mattress, High density memory foam, Woollen tufts, 3 rows of side-stitching, Heavy-weight knitted panel with complementary border, Choice of platform-top or fully sprung divan Glued and screwed frame, Chrome drawer handles and trim, Chrome sheph Memory

Unlike almost all others, the SleepFit is constructed and quilted like a real mattress. Unlike others, we do not offer free samples and videos. With SleepFit’s inch-and-a-half of quilting and 4.8 lb. foam, users are simply offered more comfort at a lower price.

Hypnos Visco Supreme

This Hypnos memory foam mattress combines heritage and hand crafting with the best of modern technology, Hypnos has developed the reactive no need to turn pocket spring sleep support system. Delivering the ultimate in mattress comfort, each barrel shaped ReActive pocket spring is made from over four feet of high tensile seel wire. This delivers the comfort and support you expect from Hypnos without the need to seasonally turn your mattress.

Coolflex Memory

Covering the mattress is a luxury knitted Double stretch Coolflex cover. To aid movement the cover incorporates 4 grip handles and to keep the mattress ventilated the cover also includes air holes. The advanced Memory foam mattress reviews Adaptive Comfort Technology which works with the memory foam to regulate the temperature of the mattress and improve comfort.

Sealy Memory Support

This Memory foam mattress incorporates the legendary Posture Tech receptive Spring system which provides a higher level of support and improved weight distribution while sleeping. The memory foam reacts to your body temperature, the foam then moulds to the contours of your body. This provides excellent support and comfort and enables you to move naturally while sleeping.

Nimblepedic Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

Developed by Chiropractic Back Doctor for Back Pain Sufferers. It incorporates side rail support for durability and comfortable sitting on the edge of our beds. 70-80% less tossing and turning is experienced when compared to a conventional mattress.

Boyd Responda

The Boyd Responda is a unique Memory Foam Mattress. It has 2 separate memory foam layers of 1” and 2” respectively. Hypo-Allergenic quilted medicott cotton cover. 20 year warranty.

Classic Sleep Products Denali

The Denali by Classic Sleep Products combines the superior pressure relief of Visco Elastic Memory Foam and Eco-Friendly 100% Dunlop Latex. High performance support base offers extraordinary comfort and unparalleled orthopedic support. This base is a higher grade (anti-microbial) version of polyurethane foam. Also, the extra strong support base will ensure that the bed never sags or flattens out. It’s incredibly soft for a latex bed.

Keetsa Cloud

This memory foam mattress provides weightless, pressure-free sleep. There is no motion transfer between partners with memory foam. The cover of this mattress is unbleached and breathable 100% organic cotton with channel quilting for more support. All of Keetsa’s mattresses are made with a focus on affordability and sustainability. 20 year Non Pro-Rated warranty.

Gold Bond EcoSense
One of the great aspects of this mattress is that it is more ecologically friendly than most other memory foam mattresses on the market. Another great aspect of this mattress is the new, patented technology that allows for 3 methods of cooling. Eco-Friendly to minimize your footprint on the environment. Included Natural Bamboo Cover for added comfort and elegance.

eComfort Eco

The eComfort mattress line is designed to help you sleep more soundly throughout the night, while removing pressure from areas that can cause discomfort while you sleep. The enhanced anatomic support layer under the cover is a patent pending enhanced memory foam layer that adds lateral elasticity and a fluid feel to the mattress. Made in the USA. 20 Year warranty.

Natura Temptation

The Temptation latex and foam mattress is a premium quality mattress by Natura. The cover of this mattress is made of a soft cotton blend knit. NaturaWool™ lining to provide allergen-free sleep. Body-contouring pressure relief. 15 year warranty.

Spirit Sleep Serenity

Silver Science Technology along with green tea and ActivCharcoal makes the Serenity a healthy and safe alternative to the other memory foam mattresses on the market. All natural evergreen green tea is added to their memory foam products to neutralize odors commonly associated with memory foam. 20 year pro-rated warranty.

Simmons ComforPedic Loft

It provides one of the most supportive night’s sleep you will be able to find. Simmons uses top of the line materials and craftsmanship to deliver a luxury level mattress at an outstanding price. This collection is made of innerspring mattresses using Simmmons pocketed coil technology, paired with a memory foam top for superior comfort and support. The Comforpedic Loft™ series provides the ideal combination of comfort and support.

Dormia Rejuvinate

Featuring layers of ultra soft conforming visco elastic memory foam nestled underneath a layer of pillow memory foam, this mattress is the king of comfort. Specializing in memory foam and latex mattresses, Dormia has become an industry leader. Smooth knit cover. 25 year prorated warranty.

Dormia Revive

This mattress is an affordable, high quality choice for people seeking back relief and the ultimate in sleep quality. No-flip design.

Innomax Ultra-Pedic Memory-Cell

Genuine Memory-Cell is not ordinary Visco material. Instead, it is specially formulated to enhance pressure relief, neutralize temperature, and provide a perfect level of support to ensure both partners get the best night’s sleep. Ultra-Form center high resilient core for superior spinal alignment. Meets and Exceeds Consumer Products Safety Commission Standards.

7 Myths about Memory Foam Mattress

Are they true?

There is a lot of confusion, myths and problems, when it comes to memory foam and mattresses made of it. Also, there are some rumors that have made some people avoid buying memory foam mattresses. We wanted to see are they true or just some (false) myths. So we decided to test each and every one of them.

Mattress unables you to turn in sleep

This is not the case. A memory foam mattress encourages the sleepers to remain motionless. That doesn`t mean it unables them to roll over in sleep. So, you actually sleep less disturbed.

Memory foam mattresses are too expensive

High cost seems to be the number one issue that holds some buyers back from purchasing memory foam beds. But in recent years, many manufacturers have begun producing memory foam, so the prices dropped. However, you should be aware that a memory foam mattress is not a commodity and it’s not for everyone … But if we compare memory foam mattresses with standard mattresses and their quality/price ratio, we can for sure say memory foam wins.

Tempur pedicis the only real memory foam

False. As you may read here – memory foam is developed by NASA. When they released the patent to the public domain, Tempur-pedic’s parent company was one of the few companies to start working with foam. That does not mean they are the only, or the best, that just means they are the first.

Memory foam mattresses are too hot

Due to the denseness of the foam, the mattresses tend to become very hot during sleep. However, this is a problem that many producers have resolved. Either by using breathable covers / toppers or even breathable foams.

Memory foam is flammable

True. Polyurethane used in memory foams CAN indeed be flammable. But the same goes for all other mattresses, which are also made from a polyurethane. However, all mattresses are resistant to open flame.

Memory foam mattresses smell

Yes. But when they’re brand new. After a decent period and after airing the room, the odor disappears. It`s a period of so-called off gassing. This is just a minor side effect of the materials used.

Memory foam and latex foam are the same

False. There is a huge difference between latex foam and memory foam. Latex foams are made from rubber and memory foam are made from polyurethane, using the state of the art technology. Having said that, they’re absolutely not the same!

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam mattress has become the win of the day in bedrooms lately. This is with good reason – there just is no better dream surface, which responds to your body’s weight and shape, than memory foam. Adding a memory foam mattress topper to your existing (regular) mattress can really improve and revolutionize the quality of your sleep.

Topper Thickness

Memory foam mattress covers and toppers are designed to go on top of an existing mattress, it can be any kind of mattress, providing extra comfort and support during night. You will find memory foam cover pads are generally thick between 1 inch and 4 inches. Any thinner wouldn’t do much, and any thicker – you wouldn’t have enough support.

Does memory foam mattress topper really work?

We’ve looked at a lot of other mattress materials, from latex to cotton and wool. And frankly speaking, there is nothing like memory foam and the way it conforms to your body and reduces pressure points. If you choose a topper of 2 to 3 inches thickness, our opinion is that you won`t make a mistake. That`s the best option for 90% of people.

Price difference

You can find a topper pad for even a $100, but there are also some priced at $1000. Of-course, one good reason for price difference could be foam thickness. There`s also foam density. Yet, one important factor could be just – brand / marketing. So, it`s up to you to decide. Here’s our Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide to help you find the best one.

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Traditional mattresses, such as the box spring, were at one time a revolutionary product of their own. Memory foam means that: the foam will contour to your body. Memory foam mattresses are typically constructed of a synthetic, polyurethane material and go through a process that turn them into what is known as visco-elasticity.

Memory foam mattresses come in many different thicknesses and densities. When looking for a memory foam mattress, it’s advisable to go with the lower % ILD over the higher one, after all, the higher figure is going to be much stiffer and more dense, only for those who like the ultimate in firmness.

So how do you decide which memory foam mattress is best for you and your budget?

To buy the best memory foam mattress for your bed you need to first perform the basics – measure the bed with a measure tape. You need a mattress that supports the spine and offers the least resistance; an orthographically designed mattress is the only kind that will provide you with this support. One other thing you have to know about the memory foam mattress is that it acts like sponge meaning it absorbs liquids quickly.

And another important thing – you have the pleasure of getting in and out of bed, without disturbing your sleeping partner!

Types of Memory Foam Mattresses

And there’s no doubt that memory foam mattresses are proving a well-liked selection for those who suffer from again pain. They have got been designed so as not to have the problem of getting arduous on chillier nights related to the Tempur-Pedic. When making plans to shop for a top of the range mattress, it is all the time a good option to perform a little research.

This prevents power points from being felt on the body. This may often happen with aged household who have more than a few aches and pains or would possibly suffer from arthritis or different stipulations that results in aches and pains that can intensify after they lay down. Upper density memory foam reacts to body warmth which allows it to mould itself to the form of a heat body within a couple of minutes. Such a lot renowned manufacturers make use of the very best quality memory foam and also be offering a couple of-month free sleep trial in conjunction with a guaranty on their products. It also incorporates a fiber layer to wick away moisture that helps control body temperature.

They integrated memory foam within the aircraft cushioning for area shuttles. Nowadays, as a result of the larger bedrooms in homes, a majority of couples sleep on king measurement mattresses. With proper alignment, the air breathed can go in and out freely with out restriction. The original composition of the memory foam bed permits for stepped forward spinal alignment. The construction process can determine the durability of the mattress.For the reason that that point, many memory foam mattresses had been bought and they have turn out to be a favorite for many of us who be afflicted by back issues or other ailments, and those who desire the comfort of foam. However, reminiscence foam is not to everybody’s liking.

Memory foam lacks the ‘springiness’ of traditional mattresses, either full-depth mattresses (10 to 12 inches) or mattress toppers. After all, they were not in search of a memory foam bed, they wanted seating that was once more like a big, overstuffed recliner. It surely is smart to have a Memory foam double bed in the guest room.

Memory foam is basically made up of polyurethane foam.No matter what age, whether a unmarried individual or a couple or what aches and pains your guests can have opting for a double reminiscence foam bed on your visitor room makes sense. This foam product was advanced in the United States during the 1970s to provide enhance for astronauts during carry off. You must now not purchase a mattress just because your neighbour thinks it is comfortable.

A memory foam mattress gives you orthopedically correct alignment of your neck and spine. This speaks volumes in their sturdiness and effectiveness. Whilst it was released to the public domain within the early 1980s, Fagerdala Global Foams used to be some of the few firms who have been keen to paintings with it because the manufacturing procedure proved each difficult and unreliable.Good brands reminiscent of Bergad, Bragada and Sterns and Foster have won reasonably just right feedback relating to a comfy reminiscence foam mattress.

It is product of material that may be hypo allergic and can be purchase for round $100. It has a 3 pound density and helps make napping on a standard bed much more comfortable for a worth that you’ll be able to afford. If it has been built well, expect the mattress to ultimate for approximately 10-15 years. It has change into moderately common amongst folks of all ages on account of its ability to mold to at least one’s frame, thus making it a comfy choice. They can easily final for so long as 15-20 years.

There are alternative ways to offer protection to the froth and prevent it from rips and tears. It is only while you sleep on top of the bed that it begins adjusting to your body temperature and will get softer in the process.

King Size Memory Foam Mattresses

When deciding which style and manufacturer of king size foam bed to invest in you have completed one of the decisions, the bed size. With plenty of King Size memory foam mattresses out there, its important to shop about. A king-size memory foam bed mattress pad is made to fir your own king size bed.

When it comes to purchasing a mattress, always choose the highest quality that you can afford. Inadequate sleeping space will not only keep you tossing and turning all night long but will also lead to unwanted health issues such as back pain, stiff neck and shoulder and others which if not addresses in time can turn into serious defects. A king size mattress is 76″ x 80″.

Even if you’re sleeping with someone else, you don’t have to think twice about spreading out and lying down comfortably. Soft, fluffy, plushy and moulded only to your body, is only part of the experience but in order to really get the most for your money you should know how a memory mattress works and what you are paying for. A 5 foot memory foam bed needs to primarily be bought by density. There are different types of mattresses in a king size that you might choose.

It holds your body with love and prevents it from any pain. Its high quality material gives the sense of pure perfection and sure satisfaction. The king size bed is very comfortable especially when it has a king size memory foam mattress pad. It is so comfortable to lie down and for sure you will have a sweet dreams lying with this kind of mattress pad. It is also why only special coverings should be used atop a memory mattress because decreasing heat transference inhibits the foam as it tries to mould to the body. Buying a king size memory foam mattress is the first step to improving posture, decreasing sleep disturbance and significantly lessening the chance of stress, raised blood pressure and related issues.

King-size memory foam bed mattress toppers can be found in leading shop worldwide or even malls. King size memory foam mattresses are very popular and one of the mostly sold. If you are thinking that purchasing a memory foam mattress is just a modern thing or craze, then it will surely go beyond that for those consistent benefits that they provide to the sleeper. This will ensure they’ll have a good sleep and wake up stress-free since they’re able to sleep properly the other night.


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