Survey Of Mattress Owners Rate Shops

Are you thinking about buying a new mattress? Do you know which one you want?

We have surveyed over 6,000 mattress owners on Which? to find out which brands are the best and worst.

Nineteen brands, including Tempur, Silentnight and Sealy were rated on value, durability, comfort and overall satisfaction. These ratings came directly from customers.

Our review will let you know all of the scores; from the top to the bottom. And we will let you know the best places to buy a mattress.

We will also help you find the best possible mattress for you. Our survey will let you know the best and worst place to purchase a mattress from.

Twelve major stores, including John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Ikea, were rated on several factors. These include, mattress quality, simplicity of the delivery process and the quality of advice offered.

There was a very large difference between the best shop, which received an 89%, and the worst, which was only 59%. One customer who shopped at the best mattress place mentioned great, knowledgeable staff who were very patient during the process. They reported the fact that there seemed to be no pressure involved.

Brand Which? customer score Comfort How well it matched the description Value for money
Dunlopillo 87% excellent excellent good
Vi-Spring 87% excellent excellent good
John Lewis 84% excellent good excellent
Hypnos 82% good good good
Harrison 81% good good good
Marks and Spencer 79% good good good
Rest Assured 79% good satisfactory good
Myer’s 78% good satisfactory excellent
Slumberland 77% good satisfactory good
Ikea 77% good good excellent
Tempur 77% good good satisfactory
Relyon 75% good satisfactory good
Sleepeezee 75% good good good
Silentnight 74% good satisfactory excellent
Bensons for Beds 72% good satisfactory good
Millbrook 72% good satisfactory good
Sealy 71% good satisfactory good
Sleepmasters 68% good satisfactory good
Dreams 57% satisfactory satisfactory satisfactory
Sample sizes: Dunlopillo (68), Vi-Spring (216), John Lewis (393), Hypnos (138), Harrison (98), Marks and Spencer (73), Rest Assured (48), Myer’s (40), Slumberland (96), Ikea (112), Tempur (284), Relyon (83), Sleepeezee (83), Silentnight (249), Bensons for Beds (36), Millbrook (36), Sealy (159), Sleepmasters (51), Dreams (85)

How we gathered research on the brands

In order to figure out the quality of the brands in question, we asked over 6,000 Which? members who had purchased a mattress within five years how they felt. We asked that they be completely honest with us. In order to get the scores we asked about the brand each person owned, their level of satisfaction and the likelihood they would tell a friend to buy one.

We also inquired about the mattress type, the reason behind their selection and whether their mattresses was comfortable and helped them sleep well, or whether they had a hard time turning over in bed.

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