Nectar vs Nectar Premier Mattress – Which Nectar Mattress Is Right For You?

Hey guys Martin here from mattress Clarity so you decided to buy a nectar Mattress but which one should you get Well I want to talk about that today I’m Going to compare the nectar and the Nectar Premiere mattresses I’m going to Take a look at their similarities their Differences and help you choose one over The other let’s get started [Music] First off I want to receive some of These mattresses for free from Brands we May earn a commission if you decide to Purchase them this helps keep our Content free for you and helps fund our Testing operations The nectar nectar premiere come in all Foam and hybrid versions today we’re Taking a look at the all foam versions But let’s take a look at the Similarities between these two Mattresses first off they both come from Neckers they both have the same customer Service term so the same warranty and The same sleep trial as well now Speaking of construction they both Feature memory foam right in the top Layer and because they both have a slow Moving memory foam feel Differences between these two mattresses And first off the Nitro Premiere is Going to be thicker than the nectar Mattress it is also going to be softer Than the nectar mattress now it is going

To cost more than the nectar mattress But also features some more cooling Materials For you So now let’s take a look at the Construction of both these mattresses Starting off on top and then working our Way down so first off on top the exact Same cover a breathable cover is also Going to have some cooling materials Infused in that material now moving down To the Comfort layers of both these Mattresses on both you’re going to have Some gel infused memory foam to help With Cooling and with pressure relief Now moving over to the premier mattress Though you’re also going to have that Gel infused memory foam but a thicker Layer of it’s going to give it a softer Feel overall and on top of that you’re Going to have some phase change material This is an advanced cooling material Should keep you cool during the nights Now beneath that on both mattresses a Dynamic response layer a transition Layer that keeps from sinking too far Into the mattress and on both mattresses As well some base support foam very firm And durable as well So now let’s talk about firmness and Feel and in terms of firmness I thought The nectar was close to a six and a half Out of ten about medium in terms of Firmness the nectar Premiere is closer

To a 6 out of ten definitely softer than Average again you have thicker layers Right on top of the next Premiere giving It a softer feel overall but speaking of Feel with these mattresses both feature That slow moving memory foam feel so When you lie down you slowly sink into The mattress until the mattress kind of Conform to the curves of your body a Very comfortable feel overall So now let’s talk about how you feel in Different sleeping positions on both These mattresses starting off on the Nectar on my back a great match for me a Very good balance of comfort and support It’s a medium firm mattress and medium Firm mattresses are a great match for Back sleepers the nectar is no exception Moving to my side a decent match for Side sleeping a bit of bunching up Though around my shoulders and my hips I Want something that’s a little bit Softer I think moving to my stomach Though it is too soft for stomach Sleeping my hips are blowing in a little Bit and I’m getting out of alignments Now moving over to the nectar Premier Mattress on my back also a good match For me but not quite as good as the Nectar mattress again the nectar Premiere is a softer mattress I want Something closer to medium firm but Moving to my side it is the softer Mattress so much better pressure relief

On my shoulders and my hips thicker Comfort layers right on top so almost no Pressure in those areas but moving to my Stomach similar to on the nectar Mattress not enough support under my Hips I’m blowing in there as well and I’m getting out of alignments If you sleep with the partners two other Things you do want to think about namely Motion transfer and Edge support now Motion transfer means you’re lying down On one side of the mattress and your Part moves around on the other side are You going to feel that motion or not Edge support means if you’re sitting or Lying down at the edge of a mattress do You feel secure or more like you’re Going to roll off and onto the floor so First off speaking of motion transfer Both handle it very well they have thick Memory foam right on top of the mattress Really absorbing a lot of that motion Should be a good match for couples in That respect now speaking of edge Support both feature decent Edge support But I think the nectar Premiere Definitely wins out it’s a thicker Mattress overall and while it’s softer It’s also more supportive near the edge So now let’s talk pricing and for a full Price queen size nectar mattress is Going to be around a thousand dollars For a full price queen size nectar Premiere around fourteen hundred dollars

But we have some great deals here at you’ll find them in The YouTube description below and over On our website So who should get the nectar mattress Well first off it’s definitely the Better option if you want to save money It costs less than that to Premiere so If you’re on a tighter budget take a Look at the nectar it’s also a better Option if you prefer a medium firm Mattress you like something with more of A balance of comfort and support you get That with the nectar and because that is Definitely the better option for back Sleepers being a medium for a mattress If you sleep just on your back take a Look at the nectar and who should get The nectar Premier mattress first off It’s definitely a better option I think If you’re a hot sleeper you have more Advanced cooling materials in this Mattress if you sleep particularly hot At night take a look at the Nitra Premiere it’s also better option if you Like a softer mattress overall you get More of a plush feel this mattress when Compared to the nectar mattress and last But not least because that I think a Better option for side sleepers you Should feel better pressure relief on Your shoulders and your hips on the neck To premiere at this point you should Know which mattress is right for you but

If you want some more information on Either mattress head over to for the full Individual reviews and some great money Saving coupons we’ll see you next time [Music]

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