I-Sleep Collect and Go Memory Foam Mattress Review

The i-Sleep Collect and Go is a memory foam mattress with spring core you can only find at Argos.

Perhaps you think this is not a high quality mattress, as quality can’t be that cheap. However, we’ve already found some Best Buys in the same price range, so we believe it is possible. This is our review which is going to shed some light into this matter:

  • What would be a good memory foam mattress that’s the best value for its price?

It’s definitely a memory foam mattress with a pocket-spring core.

  • How would it feel to lie on it?

This mattress can support your body whether you are tiny and lightweight, but it can also offer you an excellent support if you’re overweight or simply big. The best thing about this mattress is that it offers the same firm support for your body even after many years of use. Its properties don’t fade away with time, although it gets slightly softer after a few years of sleeping on it.

If you feel too hot while you sleep, this is the best solution, as it is less warm than other similar models on the market.

  • What should I watch out for?

The mattress we had the pleasure to test didn’t pass the durability test very well, as we noticed some cuts to the foam layer and to the spring pockets.

  • What else should I know before buying this mattress?

The material is extremely breathable, which makes it feel good even after many years of use.

  • Would you consider I should buy it?

If you need one, yes, you should buy it, because it has an excellent price. Even though it is less durable than other best Buys, it is still an excellent purchase and a very good value for money. However, it is advisable to go in a shop and try it for yourself in order to see how it feels.

  • Do you own it already?

The biggest advantage is that it offers excellent body support and it doesn’t sag.

The drawback is its durability which is less than stellar.

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