Geek Review: Emma Original Mattress

[Music] [Music] This no that’s too casual Nope What’s up everybody zaki here from geek Culture Hi how are you bringing you another Fantastic video You’re probably wondering what we are Doing and where we are Why am i still in my pajamas well [Music] What’s up fella geeks zacky here from Geek culture bringing you another Fantastic video now you’re probably Wondering where the hell are we Why am i still in my pajamas well Welcome to my humble abode haha Yes And second of all why am i in my pajamas Well because i’ve been sleeping all day Because of this This not not this one This this bad boy [Music] Very Nice this is the emma sleep original Mattress in this video we’ll be testing This mattress comparing it to my old one Which is Not good not good at all now i’ve been Testing this for about three months or So and it’s arguably the best Sleep experiences i’ve ever had

With this mattress It’s so good And of course we have this this is my Old mattress Bucket spring matches and you know It’s not good it’s it’s very bad Yeah So before i go on to my actual review of The mattress and comparing it with my Old one Let’s understand why good sleep and good Quality mattresses are important in our Daily lives See Getting enough sleep and good quality Sleep is essential for optimal health And well-being and not only that it’s as Vital as getting regular exercise and Eating a well-balanced diet it’s Probably no wonder why people like bill Gates warm buffett and even arnold make An effort to get enough sleep regularly We’re talking about better productivity More concentration throughout the day You will have a better appetite and you Won’t tend to munch or feel hungry Throughout the day as well of course There’s a slew of other health benefits From getting enough sleep but of course This is a mattress review so you know You technically have google for that so Now when it comes to picking up a good Quality mattress of course There are a lot of options out there

Right i mean you got the different Firmness Different types of material use you got Your pocket springs you got your foam Mattresses you got your hybrid foams you Know it just gets all too confusing in The end of the day now of course the Best way to figure out what mattress Suits your needs is to of course go to a Showroom and then test it out but that You know you only got like what five Five minutes to land a bit you’re not Even comfortable it’s a crowded area Nah and you might have picked one you Might have liked one but that won’t Leave you with any promises doesn’t it Not to mention the exorbitant prices That one would face And on top of all that you know with What’s going on in the world right now i Think it’s better to stay Indoors and just buy mattresses online So in that sense a lot of mattress Companies what they do here set it off For a sleep night trial More than later so before we dive into The emma original let’s take a quick Look at what my previous mattress was Like wish i had a bigger home but no Right we gotta do in the living room Okay okay All right All right So this was my previous mattress

Apparently it’s called Apparently it’s called the smart spring Mattress not so smart now isn’t it Probably just a knockoff brand now the Story about this mattress is that i Recently renovated my room and you know We managed to get a loft in there i can Finally fit a queen sized mattress so You know because we went over budget This is something we just picked off Online probably a decision that i really Regret it later this claims to be a Pocket coil mattress i mean you know It’s not it’s not too bad right but yeah All day what you pay is what you get so I got this for about 250 singapore Dollars it was brand new in box and you Know if you were desperate Like me and neither the mattress real Quick oh it’s it’s not such a bad deal After all was only until like a few Weeks after you know trying on this Mattress that i really did not like it Yeah I’m pretty much thinking to myself that How bad could it be right i was so wrong After months and months you know instead Of being a smart Mattress uh you know it ended up giving Me more problems like backaches Pains bet Waking up in the middle of the night i Can still feel the springs like hitting My ribs right now and it just feels like

Even though i had my eight hours of Sleep i still felt tired i still felt Sluggish i just didn’t want to start my Day So drained Of your life That’s what it is so when the good folks At Emma sleep decided to you know hey guys Uh i love your stuff let’s try this Mattress for us you know i obviously i i Wanted a mattress and Here we have it For the second time hey bro Now this is tiring yeah i had to do in The living room there’s no space So let’s talk about this mattress This mattress is backed by sleep experts Mattress experts neuroscientists Hello there they have worked hard to Create the best sleep experience you Will ever have Or also they say you can already tell by The look between this And that pocket mattress that this is Some quality stuff [Music] This not only looks great But it feels great too i gotta i gotta I gotta I don’t wanna sleep no sleep So let’s dive in and take a deeper look At the construction of this mattress so The first thing you’re going to realize

Is that this is an elastic our Discussion topic Climate regulating cover of the bed That means you don’t really need a bit [ __ ] over this mattress really comes as Is with this cover And not only that because of its ripples Here you know it’s gonna be more Breathable now if you live in a very Humid environment very humid climate Then this top cover will help you Regulate your body temperature and the Temperature around the mattress as well So you know that this moisture wicking Material is gonna help with that Humidity right away it’s great because It’s breathable you don’t feel icky or Sweaty in the morning now the other Thing about it is that the construction Of this mattress makes it great if You’re a person that moves a lot at Night now to demonstrate that Cat And hello Yeah if you’re a person that moves a lot At night you can see That it has minimal disturbance When it comes To disturbing your restless partner so For those guys that have wives out there Or if you have a partner He’s not gonna he’s not gonna run away Now speaking about that when it comes to Movement and things you’re not gonna

Find that this mattress will be sliding Out and things like that and that’s Because instead on the underside of this Mattress there’s some anti-sleep Elements there’s this stuff here Surprise [ __ ] yeah it’s all nd Slip don’t go under come on that being Said this is the show The mattress doesn’t slide as and when You would like it so that’s a very good Touch From emma as well oh god Now because the bait cover is zippable And detachable means that you can take This out and bring it to the wash how Convenient is that guys oh well isn’t That convenient with that said this is a 25 cm deep mattress what we’ve got here Are three layers With this blue layer here breathing the Breathable hyperform layer a seven zone Polyether foam for pressure relief and a Supportive point elastic foam All this to help distribute pressure Across the mattress and comfortably Support your lower back So it can move really All Mind you without disturbing your partner So what emma claims here is that the Firmness of this mattress is a medium Firm one so now that that kind of it’s Pretty much the same for me in terms of Firmness i give it like a 6.5 to a seven

With 10 being the firmest and the first Time i got this i mean boy it was Surprisingly soft but that’s the Funniest thing you don’t get much bounce Here just because there’s no coils There’s no springs on this mattress Itself and what emma claims as well is That this Mattress is perfect for any kind of Sleeper any kind of positions So like what what’s happening now is That i’m on my side i don’t feel Pressure on my shoulders i don’t feel Pressure on my hips and what this does Is that it distributes The weight and pressure of my body onto This mattress the match is doing that For you you can totally see how It’s trying to make That spinal alignment correct And that’s why i don’t have any back Problems to be honest after this so Whether you’re sleeping in your back if You’re sleeping on your belly if you’re Sleeping aside It all works out very well so even for Me i’m a skydiver i’m a belly flopper so I really love to sleep On my ballet like i love skydiving i Love this so much But with that with the old mattress what Happens is that i get a lot of lower Back problems and that kills me every Single day ah yes

Welcome to the room Uh Still still got more stuff to do But uh we’re gonna bring this mattress Up now there’s one thing i want to Demonstrate is that emma sleep has Provided a Bit in a box kind of thing when it comes Out of the box it doesn’t look like this It’s completely vacuum sealed and Compressed you’re gonna roll it out on The bed And you know it’ll just poof up but the Thing is emma sleep has also Created some handles here unlike other Mattresses so it’s really convenient in That sense to to put up a mattress and It’s surprisingly light Weight and i’m really emphasizing on the Word light weight but yeah we’re gonna We’re gonna put this up on the loft and It’s gonna be Pretty pretty easy Because because i’m struck gonna lift it And i’ve done it the wrong way we’re Just gonna flip it Really small room i would like the Zipper to be on that side our Orientation is correct And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna Lift this Onto our lock Oh [ __ ] okay that didn’t work how about We use the handles no okay

Oh I did this before come on from upstairs Using the knees We’re gonna hoist This Mattress There we go [ __ ] That That mom Okay I got it up Now we just need to do this All right There we go Now with all that good stuff of course Comes the price point it’s considerably Affordable if i might add now mattresses Can be priced between anywhere from 300 To 3000 Singapore dollars here and quite Surprisingly for what it’s worth the Emma original matches for a queen size One like i have here it’s only priced at 799 singapore dollars better yet of Course you can go on to their website And they’re usually having sales so you Can can always get one cheaper you know Just just wait for the right time guys You can just suffer a little bit more Doesn’t matter now of course we ordered It through the website and delivery is Pretty quick too so it takes about three To five working days so of course with

That after sales service emma provides a 10 year warranty and you do get a 100 Night sleep trial and if you’re not Happy with it for some reason Not like you should be emma will refund You what you paid and they will actually Pick it up from you for free hey i Really can’t stress enough how good this Mattress is but of course don’t take my Word for it you can always check out all These reviews that will be popping up on This screen it’s generally Overwhelmingly Positive So you’re pretty much in good hands here So should you get one for yourself I mean it’s really obvious that the emma Sleep original is a good choice it’s Super comfortable and it still provides You with that support no matter what Sleeping position you are in of course This is also great if you have a partner Who sleeps with you sounded a bit wrong But you know what i mean with that said This price point of 799 singapore Dollars it’s great for its value and It’s actually pretty surprising so all You know is this a mattress you would Definitely want to consider yes well That’s all we have for this video if you Enjoyed it do give us a thumbs up and if You have any questions as well do leave It in the comments down below and if you Haven’t already do consider subscribing

And smash that bell icon so you can be Notified every time you upload new Videos Until then this is zacky signing off Good night Hey google turn off all the lights Uh yeah [Music]

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