Features and Prices of Millbrook Hermitage 2500 Review

The Millbrook Hermitage 2500 is one of the top mattresses recommended if you want to keep your back in the right position.

This mattress is not for everybody or shape. You need to find out if the mattress is the right one for you and whether it can serve you for long.

  • The full review

Hermitage 2500 offers a good support for some body types even though it is less durable.

  • What it is

The pocket spring mattress from Millbrook is rated as a better mattress brand

  • What it feels like to lie on it

The mattress supports all types of bodies. It is good for people with a small body and who like lying on their side. For anyone who is larger than average and lies flat on the back, it may not offer good support. The mattress is soft and it will always feel good even if you have used it for a few years.

  • Is there anything to watch out for?

The mattress sags over time and you will notice this when your bedmate gets out of the bed. It is not as stable as other mattresses.

  • More information about the mattress

You won’t get sweaty while using this mattress because the material is breathable.

  • Should one buy this mattress?

Depending on your body type and your preferred sleeping position, you may choose to buy this mattress. However, if you are a large person who sleeps on the side or your back, you need to look everywhere. On average, the mattress is versatile good.

Pros: It offers good support even after using it for several years. It is very breathable.

Cons: It is not ideal for large people who sleep on the back since it is a little bit bouncy.

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