Emma – The Sleep Company improves sleep of the FC Schalke 04 Esports Team

It was really smart from shaka to make This project with emma because and she Has a she had a really like crucial part In it and we learned a lot About sleeping and all the tools they Gave to us the part that i like the most Or the part that i found most Interesting was where Where we had our hair pulled out and Then we sent it to the laboratory and Then they We got like a detailed report of when’s The best time for you to Work out when is the best time for you To go to sleep when it’s the best time For you to eat i guess i found that kind Of interesting then you have to get hair Samples And then you get like your Dna about sometimes the best way to Sleep Your best time to exercise I think that’s the most interesting one And i learned that the best time for me Sleeps at one point [Music] With all the new Information i got from emma which is Going to help me elevate my sleep even More and get Most out of it which we need obviously Like to compete and play Uh i will use the information i got from Emma to get a better schedule for myself

And to get them more started so Obviously i like the not bad a lot like It’s really soft and Don’t lay down I think it was a pretty nice change Like the weighted blanket doesn’t sound I guess too Exciting like when you hear it it sounds Kind of weird But then when you Go into bed and then you actually call Yourself with it it feels kind of unique So i like and the best product i would Say it’s the Blanket I actually really like the blanket You’re gonna feel a lot better because Before emma introduced me to sleep and The advice they gave me i was like the Cheer club It’s a bit late and not really good for The human cycle to sleep that day so i Started going to bed earlier and It has helped me a lot before i was Sleeping at random times I didn’t really pay attention about how I eat before sleeping what kind of Routine i use before sleeping and after Meeting emma and All the tools she gives to us I just like now i have like Fixed written that i follow when i sleep I wake up the products we got from emma Helped us to improve our sleep which is

A big part and a big factor on How we do our job here and how we Perform I was excited when i first hear that’s Gonna happen And i think it left a Pretty good impact on all of us

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