Emma Mattress Review – Best Affordable Memory Foam Mattress?

Hey, all. Elisa here with Mattress
Clarity. Emma is a Popular mattress company in Europe,
but folks in the United States have quickly Started to catch on. But is the
original Emma mattress the Right one for you? To help you find
out, I’ll go over its firmness Feel and unique features. But don’t
forget, you can read all of This information at mattressclarity.com
and find some money saving Coupons. Let’s get started. One important thing to note is that we
may earn a bit of commission if You choose to buy this through our
affiliate link in the description below. This helps us maintain our testing
operations and keeps all of our Content free to you. Before I get into all the fun details,
let’s go over the company policies. Emma mattresses are backed by ten year
warranties, and they come With a 365 night risk free trial, Plus free shipping and free returns. To really understand what this
mattress is about, we’ll need to go over its Construction. So the Emma mattress is
surrounded by their ultra Dry cover. It’s moisture, wicking,
breathable and Cool. But the best part of it is that
it’s removable and machine washable. Moving on to the comfort layers. First
up, you’ll find their cloud comfort Layer. This is infused with graphite,
which helps pull heat away from The body. Underneath that is a layer
of their proprietary particle Cool foam. This sleep two degrees
cooler than traditional foam, And it’s ventilated for extra airflow.
And finally, you have the halo Foam. This material is zoned for extra
support. And what this means is that it feels
firmer, in some places softer than Others, which helps you maintain a
nice neutral alignment throughout the night. Now we’ll get to the support layer.
First, you’ll find some of their HRX Supreme Foam, which is a super
high density Layer of foam, which helps you
maintain a nice neutral alignment And get that lumbar support you need.
And at the very bottom, you’ll find a Thin layer of Emma bed foam. This
gives a nice Foundation for the rest of the
materials on top, The Emma mattress is a bed in a box
mattress, which means it will arrive

On your doorstep, compressed inside a
cardboard box. Lucky for me, my coworkers Tony and
Martin unboxed This mattress for me. It only took
them about 15 minutes, But it is really important when you’re
unboxing a mattress to have a friend help You. These are super heavy boxes, and
you just don’t want to do it by Yourself. Another important thing to
note is that it takes about 48 hours For this mattress to off gas and
expand. After that, you can Rest on it. Easy now For two of the most important aspects
of a new mattress firmness and Feel. Let’s start by talking about the
firmness level. Here at Mattress Clarity, we have a firmness scale that
goes from one to ten, with six And a half indicating the industry
standard for medium firm. The Emma mattress feels firmer than
this coming in at seven Out of ten. So if you need a bit more
lumbar support, this is a Good way to go. This mattress overall,
has a very supportive And responsive feel. Unlike some
memory foam mattresses Out there, you won’t feel like you’re
sinking inside of this mattress. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re
sitting right on top, getting that support That you need from underneath. Another thing you’ll want to think
about is your sleeping position. So because I have a mattress feels
firmer than the average bed, It works best for back and stomach
sleepers. When I’m resting on my back, I feel a
really great balance of comfort and Support. And when I rest on my
stomach, I also feel very supported. If you rest on a softer mattress in
the sleeping position, You run the risk of your hip sinking
out of alignment, which could create Some lower back pain over time, but
again, not an issue on the Emma Mattress. The one downside to this is
that some side Sleepers may not get the pressure
relief that they need. This mattress, Like I said, feels kind of firm, so
you might feel a Little bit of pain and pressure build
up along your shoulders and your hips as Time goes on. If you share a bed with a partner,
there are a couple of things you Want to pay close attention to when
you’re looking for a new mattress. First of

All, there’s motion transfer, and what
this means is that if you share a Bed with a partner and they start
tossing and turning throughout the night, Will you feel that movement come over
to your side of the bed? Well, Fortunately, the Emma mattress
isolates motion really well. We tested this by putting a glass half
full of water on The bed and pressing into the layers
around it. And when I did This, I really didn’t see a whole lot
of movement happening in the glass. Also, when we tested it in real life
and Tony got in on one side, I didn’t feel a whole lot of his
movements on my side of the bed At all. So if you’re a really light
sleeper, this could be a good way To go. Another thing you want to think
about is the Edge support. So that means if you’re
sitting along the side of the bed, Like I am now, are you going to feel
secure, or are you going to Feel like you might roll off? So I
will say the Emma mattress Doesn’t have the best edge support
that I’ve ever seen. It’s okay if I’m sitting a little bit further back,
but as I inch closer to the side, I really can feel it sink a bit
underneath me. It’s not so Bad that I feel like I will roll off,
but it might force couples To sleep a little bit closer to the
center of the mattress. I’m sure you want to know how much
this mattress costs? Well, fortunately, this is a great
budget friendly pick. The ML Mattress and a queen size cost $645
regular Price. But you can save even more
money with our mattress clarity coupons Found in the description below. Before I wrap up, I’ll go over some of
the pros and cons of the Emma mattress, starting with the good
stuff. So this bed works really Well for back and stomach sleepers.
It’s a bit firmer Than average bed, so you really get
the lumbar support that you need in these Sleep positions. It’s also really
great for hot sleepers. Typically, all foam mattresses tend to
trap heat, But this mattress has many built in
cooling features that will help fight Against that. And it’s a great value
mattress. If you’re Not wanting to break the bank, this
could be a good way to go. Of course, we got to talk about some
of the cons as well. This mattress

May not work well for most side
sleepers because it’s a bit firmer. You might feel some pain and tension
build up along your pressure points. Also not a great choice for people who
want a super bouncy bed. If you’re looking for something that’s
a bit more responsive, opt for their Hybrid model. And finally, this
mattress won’t be Good fits for people who want a more
tufted, pillow top Feel. I do love that you can remove
and wash The cover, but that may not be for
everybody. So at the end of the Day, it ultimately boils down to your
personal preferences. Well, That’s about it. If you need more
information information about the Emma Mattress, read our full
While you’re there, you’ll also find
some great money saving coupons. See you next time.

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