Emma® Is Now Available in India! | Premium German Mattress

Attention all sleep enthusiasts in India! The wait is over because Emma® has officially arrived in your country with its premium German mattress. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to the perfect sleep you deserve. Keep reading to discover why Emma® is the best choice for your sleep needs.

H1: Emma® Is Now Available in India!

H2: Introduction

After making a mark in various countries with their premium-quality mattresses, pillows and bed linen, Emma® has finally launched in the Indian market. Emma® is a German mattress brand that collaborated with Indian customers to create a mattress that is ideal for the Indian body, climate, and sleeping habits.

H2: Emma Worked with Indian Customers to Understand Sleeping Habits

Emma® realized that Indian customers prefer a firmer mattress as compared to the soft mattress that is popular in the western world. After careful consideration by their research and development team, Emma adapted its products to meet the comfort and support needs of Indian customers. Emma’s research and development team performed a thorough study to understand the sleeping habits of Indian customers before creating a mattress that is perfect for Indian users.

H2: Emma Created Mattresses with Optimal Comfort and Support

In India, sleep is considered a very important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, Emma® created mattresses that are perfect for a good night’s sleep. Emma® mattresses mostly use high-quality memory foam, which offers unparalleled comfort and support. Emma’s research team decided to add some extra features to their Indian mattresses, making them even better suited to the local market.

H2: Adapted Their Best-Selling Mattresses for the Indian Market

Emma® has worked relentlessly to develop mattresses that are the perfect fit for the Indian market. The team has adapted their best-selling mattresses – the Emma Original and The Emma Essential – for Indian users. Emma® mattresses provide a balance of support and comfort, which allows a person to sleep comfortably through the night.

H2: The Visco-Elastic Layer in Indian Mattresses is Infused with CoolGel Beads

Emma’s mattresses also feature a layer of Visco-elastic foam infused with coolgel beads. This cooling feature helps keep users cool and dry throughout the night, ensuring that they wake up feeling fresh and energetic.

H2: You Can Purchase Emma Mattresses Directly from Their Indian Factory

Emma® believes in providing top-notch products directly to their customers. This is why they make their products at their factory in India and sell their mattresses directly to the consumer. Thanks to this strategy, Emma® can provide quality products at an affordable price point.

H2: No Dealers, Franchises or Resellers are Involved

Emma® takes pride in providing a transparent experience to its customers. There are no dealers, franchises or resellers involved in the purchasing process. This means that customers can trust Emma® to provide the right information about their products and prices.

H2: Emma Aims to Bring Global Sleep Standards to India

Emma® is committed to bringing global sleep standards to India, and with the support of Indian customers, Emma can achieve this objective. Emma’s motto is #switchtoemma, and by switching to Emma, users can experience an exceptional night’s sleep and wake up energized every day.

H2: Emma Provides a Range of Products Including Pillows and Luxurious Bed Linen

In addition to mattresses, Emma® also provides a range of products such as pillows and luxurious bed linen made of 100% Egyptian cotton. Emma® pillows are also made of memory foam, ensuring that the user’s sleeping posture is perfect throughout the night. Emma’s luxurious bed linen is soft, durable, and available in multiple colors.

H2: Conclusion

Emma® has taken the time to understand the sleeping habits of Indian customers and has created mattresses that meet their needs. The mattresses are a perfect combination of comfort and support. Emma® mattresses use advanced memory foam and cooling technology that ensures a great night’s sleep. Emma® also offers a range of quality sleep products at an affordable price, directly from their factory in India. With Emma, users can experience a night of peaceful and restful sleep, making them feel refreshed and revitalized in the morning.

H2: FAQs

  1. Are Emma mattresses delivered across India?
  • Yes, Emma mattresses are delivered across India within 5-7 business days after purchase.
  1. Do Emma mattresses come with a warranty?
  • Yes, Emma mattresses come with a 10-year warranty.
  1. Are Emma mattresses eco-friendly?
  • Yes, Emma mattresses are manufactured using eco-friendly materials that are safe to use.
  1. Can Emma pillows be purchased separately from mattresses?
  • Yes, Emma pillows can be purchased separately.
  1. How can I clean my Emma mattress?
  • You can clean your Emma mattress by spot cleaning with mild detergent, and if there is a spill, the mattress cover can be machine washed at 40°C.