Casper Vs. Emma – Which All-Foam Mattress Will You Choose?

Joe Auer: Casper and Emma, two very popular
and, quite frankly, two very similar mattresses. You might be wondering now which one of these
two is right for you? That’s exactly what I’m going to be telling
you about today. My name is Joe from Mattress Clarity. I’m going to be telling you about the pros
and cons of each mattress, similarities, the Differences, construction differences, and
letting you know who should get one over the Other — so stay tuned. [music] Joe: Let’s start by talking about what’s similar
between these two mattresses. Quite frankly, these are two very similar
mattresses. As we go through the video, you’ll see just
how similar they are. I’d say the firmness is about the same. I put both mattresses about a 6 out of 10,
so definitely the same exact firmness range. Construction is very similar as well. 12” thick in total, both are. They both have a latex-like layer. They both have a memory foam layer. They have a zone support where it’s going
to be a little bit softer underneath your Shoulders up at the top of the bed and a little
bit firmer in the middle of the mattress. They have zone support, same thickness, same
kind of general balanced foam fields, so very Similar overall. Given that these mattresses are so similar,
it’s going to be tough to decide which ones Would be right for you. I want to ask you a question. What’s the biggest factor for you in deciding
which mattress to get? Is it going to be cooling, pressure relief,
comfort, support? Let me know in the comments. It’ll be interesting to see what everyone
says. I have two very similar mattresses, but what
are the differences? Number one, shipping time. Emma started in Europe and has now come to
the US. Shipping time is going to be a couple of weeks
longer than the Casper. Also price, depending on the discounts of
the day, the Emma is going to be a little Bit cheaper than the Casper is.

Casper also has an extra layer. It has a transition layer that the Emma does
not. Also, they have a pretty similar construction,
of course, 12” in total, but the Casper is Going to weigh a lot more than the Emma does. Let’s breakdown the construction of both mattresses
and see what the differences are. Starting with the Emma, 12” in total. The top layer is soft and latex-like. Underneath that, there is a memory foam layer,
and then there is the base layer. The base layer is zoned, so it gives you a
little bit more pressure relief up the top Of the mattress underneath your shoulders. If you’re sleeping on your side, it’ll feel
a little bit softer and a little bit firmer In the middle of the mattress. If you flip onto your back and stomach, it’s
going to be a little bit firmer and more supportive. It does have the balance foam feel that combines
latex and memory foam-like qualities. Moving onto the Casper now. Similar construction here. We have 12” in total. We have a soft latex-like layer, then a memory
foam layer, and a transition layer, and then A base layer. The transition layer is zoned. Both are going to have zone support. The transition layer is zoned where it’s going
to be firm in the middle of the mattress and A little bit softer at the top of the mattress
underneath your shoulders. It has the same feeling of being softer when
you’re on your side and a little bit firmer And more supportive when you’re on your back
and stomach. What does that all mean, and what are the
main differences? Well, the construction is almost the exact
same. The Casper does have an extra layer. It has that transition layer. That’s most important if you are a heavier
sleeper. You will have less of a chance of bottoming
out. Bottoming out is basically pressing through
the top comfort layers and hitting the firmer Layers underneath that, while having that
transition layer, you’re going to make that Less likely.

Also, the Casper weighs a lot more than the
Emma does. Even though it’s the same kind of thickness,
it’s going to be more dense. Generally, that means it’s going to be more
durable. It’s also going to be more supportive overall. That’s more important for medium heavyweight
sleepers. If you’re looking for something that’s going
to be a little bit more durable, potentially The Casper might be better off. Now, let’s talk about the differences in firmness
and feel. As far as firmness is concerned, I actually
put the Emma and the Casper at about a 6 out Of 10. They’re about the exact same firmness. I think most people would agree they’re at
least in the same firmness range. As far as the feel’s concerned, they have
the same kind of balanced foam feels. They have a latex-like layer on top, then
a memory foam layer. Combining that, it’s just a balanced feel
overall. It has a little bit of balance but not too
much. I would say the firmness and the feel are
generally pretty similar in this case. I’m going to talk to you how I feel in different
sleeping positions on both mattresses. Starting on the Emma, on my back, I feel pretty
good here. My hips sink in but not too much. It feels pretty supportive overall. Switching onto the Casper now — about the
same. I would say it feels pretty supportive. You can feel that zone support. It’s a pretty good match for me there. It’s about even between the two mattresses. Switching onto my side now, on the Emma — pretty
good pressure relief. It is a little bit softer because of that
zone support, and kind of the same situation On the Casper, a pretty good match for me
there as well. I would say it’s about an even match on side
sleeping for me. Switching onto my stomach now, Emma’s probably
a little bit too soft, I would say. However, on the Casper, because of that zone
support, it just feels a little bit more supportive. They both have zone supportive, but I would
say I probably prefer the Casper a little Bit with stomach sleeping.

At Mattress Clarity, love our pressure map
testing because it shows you exactly how well Every mattress relieve pressures. I get down on a pressure map, lie down my
back, side, and stomach. You can see anywhere from blue to no pressure
all the way up to red to high pressure. What matters is each side sleeping results,
so if we throw those results up here, you’ll See that they both relieve pressure quite
well. It’s about a tie here. That goes with my personal experience. I’ve put it both about a 6 out of 10. The firmness is about the same. I thought they both relieve pressure quite
well. Martin: Hey, guys. Martin here to offer a different perspective. Joe is 5’9”, 160. I’m 6’7”, 230. I’m a bit larger than Joe. It’s definitely important to think about your
size when you’re looking at a mattress. I want to give my experience with these two
mattresses. Today, we have the Casper and the Emma. In terms of firmness, I say both these mattresses
were a 7 out of 10, definitely firmer than Joe thought. Because I’m a larger person, I’m pressing
further into these mattresses, feeling some More firmness than Joe did. For me, a 7 out of 10. In terms of sleeping positions, starting on
the Casper on my back, it’s a very good match For me. You have the zone support, so my hips sink
in just the right amount. Also, for my lumbar support, good overall
support, very, very good for back sleeping. Moving to my side, I’m feeling a little bit
more firmness than Joe did on my shoulders And my hips but still a decent match for side
sleeping. On my stomach though, that mattress is not
firm enough for me, not supportive enough For me. My hips are bowing in. I’m getting out of alignment.

Moving over to the Emma on my back, also a
good match for me. I’m feeling some nice lumbar support there,
also feeling good overall support. My hips are sticking in just the right amount,
very good for back sleeping. On my side, I felt even better pressure relief
on the Emma, on my shoulders, on my hip, very Nice for side sleeping. Moving to my stomach though, same issue, not
firm enough for me. I’m bowing at the hips getting out of alignment. What does that mean? I think if you’re a heavier back sleeper,
both could work for you. Heavier side sleeper, I would lean towards
the Emma. Heavier stomach sleeper, I would look elsewhere. Joe: If you sleep with a partner, there’s
two additional things you’re going to want To consider when looking at a mattress. It’s motion transfer and edge support. Motion transfer is basically if your partner
is moving around that side of the bed, is That motion going to be isolated or transferred
over to you and possibly wake you up at night? Edge support is, can you sit on the edge of
the bed or sleep towards the edge of the bed Without feeling like you’re going to fall
off? As far as motion transfer is concerned, I’ll
put both about a tie here. They do a pretty good job at isolating motion. As far as edge support is concerned, they
don’t have the best edge support. I would say that it’s about a tie as well. You’re not going to fall off the mattress,
but it’s not generally the best edge support I’ve ever seen. It’s about a tie with both mattresses. Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for,
which one of these two mattresses are going To be right for you? As far as who should get the Casper, if you
want to go for a more known commodity, the Emma is new to America, and Casper has been
here for a while now. They’re definitely the more known commodity,
have more previews, probably better customer Service at this point. That’s just something to note. Also, I think heavier sleepers probably want
to go with the Casper. It’s going to be a little bit more supportive

It’s going to be more durable. That just something to note. Generally, if you want to do this as a more
of a long-term investment, the Casper is definitely Going to be more durable than the Emma’s. As far as who should get the Emma, if you
just want to save money, the feel and the Firmness are generally the exact same. You’re going to save a little bit of money
by going with Emma. That’s something to note as well. Lighter-weight sleepers, you don’t need something
as dense as the Casper is. You don’t need something quite as supportive. You may want to go with Emma and save a little
bit of money in the process there. If you’re getting a mattress for a guest bed
or for a kid, a teenager, something like that Where you don’t need it to be as durable,
I would save a little bit of money and probably Go with the Emma, given that the firmness
and the feel are about the exact same. That’s basically it. Hopefully, I’ve given you a good overview
of the similarities and differences between These two mattresses. They are very similar mattresses, but hopefully
I’ve given you a good overview of why you Might want to get one over the other. If for some reason, the decision is not clear,
just leave a comment below. I can even give you a personal recommendation. Just leave a comment below, and I’ll get back
to you as soon as I can. If you’re just getting started in your mattress-buying
journey, definitely check out If you want to see a full list of my topics,
simply google Mattress Clarity, best mattress. Once again, let me know if you have any questions.

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