Best Place to Buy a Futon Mattresses

Futon Mattresses: What To Look For

If you are in the market for a new futon mattress then you will need to know a few things first so you can make the best choice possible. One of the most important things to consider is the filling of the mattress. There are many different fillings used. A futon mattress can be filled with cotton, foam, a combination of the two or an innerspring.

Many futons are filled with foam and cotton. While cotton is usually the cheapest it may not always be the best. Cotton breaks down easier and also is more absorbent. Cotton and foam mixed together helps keep the firmness and shape much longer. There are also higher end futons that use a latex foam that conforms to your body.

The innerspring system is similar to what you see in traditional type mattresses except it is thinner. This is where the springs are surrounded by foam or cotton. Futon mattresses come in soft, medium, and firm and that depends upon what filling it has. So it is a good idea to know what type of firmness you would like.

A futon mattress is a great alternative to traditional mattresses as they are not as expensive. If you make sure to know what type of filling the mattress has you will pick the right one for you.

Futon Mattress Covers

Brushed Cotton Twill Futon Cover by Levinsohn Textile comes in five different colors. The picture to the left is featuring the khaki color. This futon mattress cover features durable 100% cotton twill.  It has a nice modern look. It fits tightly to the mattress. It comes on and off easily due to the zippers on the sides. And no worries, you can easily take it off and machine wash and dry it.

Stripe Print Futon/Pillow Cover Set – Navy is a great value for the price. Add some color and some style to your room with this futon mattress cover set. The cover is cotton mixed with polyester. It included two accent pillow, which really make the set.  Easy to put on and clean – just machine wash in cold water and tumble dry. The cover set comes in full size and the overall dimensions are 75 x 54″.

Loft New York Faux Leather Futon Cover is one cover you don’t want to miss if you are looking for that upscale, sleek and sophisticated look and feel. It is made of 100% polyurethane so you can only surface clean it.  This cover has a zipper in the back to allow the cover to go on and off smoothly. It fits full size futons.  

Cheap Futon Mattresses

Cheap futon mattresses are the perfect solution in today’s economy. Plus, they are stylish and do not take up a lot of room. Futons are very versatile and can be used in the guest room, living room or even a master bedroom. They come in full, queen, or king size. They are also great for kids who are out growing their single or toddler  bed.

Many wonder where they can find futon mattresses on the cheap. Since futon’s are a great alternative to a traditional beds, it’s really not that difficult at all. There are many places to look.

Best Place to Buy a Futon Mattresses

This is one place where you can find huge deals. You can find new or used futons here. The key is to search and keep searching until you find what you are looking for.

Target usually has discounted futons ready to ship to you. They also have some great covers too.

You may be in luck shopping here. They usually have great deals as well.

One thing to look at to keep the price down is the mattress filling. If it is made of mostly all cotton then the mattress tends to be cheaper. Prices can range from $80 to a couple of hundred dollars. Other fillings are foam and springs or a combination of them.

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